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Sportsbook Recommendation: The Phoenix Sports Ticket (PST) has been involved in the online sports handicapping business since 1996 and has endorsed many online sportsbooks over the past 18 years. In order to have your online sportsbook displayed on our website, there has to be a relationship that our owner must trust and recommend to our visitors. What to look for in a Sportsbook? Great customer service, software reliability and the most important aspect, getting paid! Furthermore, sports bettors want an easy process to make a deposit, without having to go through several steps and clearance to make a deposit.

Ron Raymond's Top 3 Recommended Sportsbooks: - Bovada/Bodog - SBG Global

Helpful Sports Handicapping Apps

Sports Handicapping Apps: Use your iPhone or iPad to get the latest online sports handicapping Tips and Picks to beat the online sportsbook or Las Vegas! Not at your desktop computer? No problem, load up your app and find the right numbers to beat the numbers. Remember, sports' betting is a numbers game and the PST recommends the best online sports handicapping tools to help you win.

Ron Raymond's Top 3 Recommended Apps: ATS Calculator - ATS Stats - PST Picks

Ron Raymond’s Expert Picks

Ron Raymond is the owner and founder of Phoenix Sports which is one of the industry most recognizable leaders in the Sports Handicapping industry. During the past 18 years, Phoenix Sports has established over 25 sports gaming related web sites which includes the development of a sports statistical database site at (, a sports statistical calculator at ( Get your picks from one of the pioneer services of the online handicapping industry!
NFL Football Picks ($35)

Collge Football Picks ($25)

CFL Football Picks ($25)

Baseball Picks ($20)

Tony George’s Expert Picks

Tony George has over 50 Top Ten Awards since 1996 alone and provides detailed write ups for every play. EXPEREINCE COUNTS! Well known, repsected and HONEST! Tony George, President and CEO of Tony George Sports is one of the most consistent and most respected handicappers in the sports gaming world. He also is a radio and TV personality and partner in Locker Room Picks, a new all free content site with a TV Show in the making along with a national radio show on Yahoo Sports Radio Based in Kansas City, MO, formerly of Lincoln , NE, George started his business in 1992 with the idea that sports handicapping shouldn't be exempt from ethical conduct. George's full-time firm dedicates itself solely to winning and places expectations high.
NFL Football Picks ($35)

Collge Football Picks ($35)

Baseball Picks ($35)

Ross Benjamin’s Expert Picks

Ross Benjamin has made his reputation in this industry by being one of the sharpest sports handicappers of the recent decade. In professional sports handicapper Ron Raymond's recently published book "50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets" he probably says it best. "One of the most underrated handicappers in our industry and probably one of the sharpest ones I know is Ross Benjamin." In spite of going public just 7 years ago Ross has been around the sports handicapping industry for the majority of his adult life. Starting at the age of 23 Ross broke into the business by working for one of the biggest bookmakers in Western New York. This laid the foundation that gave Ross the invaluable perspective of how lines are set, line movements, how public perception affects the line, and the uncanny ability to spot value. One of Ross' often used phrases when speaking publicly is "if you want to be a successful sports handicapper then start by thinking like a bookmaker". Ross is now 52 years old and has been directly involved in many capacities of the sports gaming industry for the last 29 years. However there is nothing he enjoys more than the challenge of picking winners against the point spread in football and basketball or the money line in baseball.
NFL Football Picks ($35)

Collge Football Picks ($35)

Baseball Picks ($35)

Fred Wallin’s Expert Picks

Fred Wallin is a veteran of the sportstalk wars, both locally in Southern California and nationally. Wallin has hosted 'Dodger Talk," "Angel Talk," "Kings Talk," and "Bruins Talk" on various Southern California radio stations. He has hosted programs on KABC, KFI, KLAC, KIEV, KFOX AND 1150 AM in Los Angeles. Nationally, Wallin has hosted programs on The Sports Radio Network, The American Sports Radio Network, Prime Sports, The Sports America Radio Network, and the Cable Radio Network, and presently on Sports Overnight America, Fox Sports Radio, Las Vegas and KCAA Riverside, California..
NFL Football Picks ($35)

Collge Football Picks ($35)

Baseball Picks ($35)

Chip Chirimbes Expert Picks

Chip Chirimbes has been a professional sports handicapper since 1978 when he left a High School teaching and coaching position to start The A-Play, the highly successful sports handicapping service that he still heads today. Chipper, as he is known has many firsts to his credit through teenage sports, to a National Stan Musial Champion with All-American honors. Currently, Chipper was and has been Vegas Insiders leading handicapper for NCAA Football, NBA Basketball, NCAA Guaranteed Winners and Baseball money leader. He has won the Las Vegas Hilton March Mania NCAA Championship contest in 2000 and has placed among the leaders 15 times in professional sports handicapping contests and he placed third in the Stations Casino's famous Gamblers Challenge and Chipper also had top finish in the Las Vegas Hilton's 'The Contest.'
NFL Football Picks

Collge Football Picks

Baseball Picks

Sportsbook Reviews

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When CINCINNATI BENGALS team played as a Road team - Vs Conference Opponent - Coming off 3 game winning streak: Bengals are 2-8-0 ATS in this spot Sunday night vs. the Patriots. source:

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