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NBA Betting: Cavs Gather Momentum in Eastern Conference

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Although they haven’t always looked it, the Cleveland Cavaliers are legitimate NBA title contenders, and sportsbooks have been steadfast in their support of the new LeBron James-led team. As the All-Star Break approaches, the Cavs are finally living up to expectations.

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After beating the Timberwolves 106-90 on January 31, Cleveland now boasts nine wins for their past ten games. Lebron hit a game-high that night in Minnesota with 36 points, and it was Love’s first time back with a Cavalier’s jersey on. He earned his 27th double-double this year. The team is now 13/4 to win the NBA Championship.

On Wednesday at 8:00 PM ET, the Cavaliers will head down south to face the Heat. Miami is 22-29 SU and 23-26-2 ATS, which is notably lower than Cleveland’s 32-21 record straight up and 25-28 record against the spread. Miami will also be missing Dwayne Wade, who’s out with a hamstring injury, leaving oddsmakers no choice but to favor Cleveland by a hefty 11.5-point spread. When the two teams faced off in December, Miami won the game 101-91.

Take a good long look at this highly acclaimed Eastern Conference force with 13/4 odds. If these Cavs continue playing this way all year long, those odds won’t last.

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