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Twitter is a good way to let people know what they are doing “now” or from a business perspective, collect an email list to let potential clients know when they are releasing a new product or want to give out details on a new sale. In fact, it’s quicker and cheaper to market something via Twitter, then standard print or radio advertising. Facebook is a social networking site about connecting with family and friends and sharing pictures and life adventures. To quote what the guys on my hockey team says, “Facebook is a chick thing!” This explains why 80% of my friends on Facebook are females.

But, what if I told you, there’s a new hockey social networking site for people who are looking for winning hockey picks for their proline tickets or provincial sports lotteries? In Canada, people like to bet on hockey games and they do so with their provincial lottery systems. Here are the current Provincial Lotteries sports bettors are using in Canada.

  • Atlantic Canadians = Atlantic Lottery/
  • Ontario Residents = OLG/Proline
  • Québec Residents = Loto Québec/Mise Au Jeux
  • Western Canada = Western Canada Lottery Corporation/Sport Select
  • British Columbia Residents = BCLC/Sports Action
*Note: Western Canada Lottery Corporation includes Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Lotteries Yukon and Sport North.

The only thing about betting with your Provincial Sports Lotteries, you must wager at minimum 3 games on your ticket and a maximum of 6 games. You cannot wager on 1 game like you can with an online Sportsbook like However, most people who play Proline don’t really care about the 3 to 6 games they have to wager on, because they find the convenience of betting at their corner store less troublesome then shipping money or credit card information over the internet.

But, getting 3 to 6 winning hockey picks and you must win all 3 to 6 games on your ticket is much harder to accomplish then some would imagine. Parity in the NHL is stronger then ever and I’ve never seen so many 1 goal games in my life, which is great if you like betting on NHL underdogs. But where do you get winning hockey picks?

The new and improved format is now laid out where people can follow other peoples Hockey Picks and you can get Canadian Professional Sports Handicapper Ron Raymond hockey predictions for free each and every day. Ron Raymond is a 4-Time Sports Handicapping Champion, the author of Ron Raymond’s 50 Greatest Sports Betting Secrets and the inventor of the ATS Calculator. Ron Raymond has developed a new Hockey Social Networking site where you can track and monitor your friends hockey picks on a daily basis.

Furthermore, at the new, Ron has created a new tool called the “Confidence Meter” where user must tell us who they like to win each game, but must tell us how confident they are with their selection on that game. Anybody can say this team will win or that team will lose, but how confident are they on that team winning or losing? For example, if you’re from Montreal and you know Andrei Markov, Scott Gomez and Mike Cammalleri are out of the line up and they are up against Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin of the Penguins, then you’re confidence level will be pretty low for Montreal or very high for Pittsburgh.

Once users are done voting on who they like to win the games, the “confidence meter” turns into a “Debate it” forum, and this is where the Hockey Community of are giving their thoughts and picks on each game. Plus, at 6; 30pm EST each night, the system will give out the top 3 picks of the day and rating them the Gold, Silver and Bronze selections.

Plus, there’s a feature call the “honor roll” and this is where the system monitors everybody’s NHL picks and if they run the board and go perfect, they will make the honor roll and the entire community will be invited to follow their hockey picks down the road. In fact, on Saturday, January 23rd 2010, a user name Artiste went a perfect 12-0 with her hockey picks.

If you’re interested in joining the hottest and fastest growing Hockey Social Networking website, join and start following your friends picks each day or have them follow your picks. Plus, follow Ron Raymond’s Hockey picks for free!

It’s free to join and free to enter the site.