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World Series of Handicapping Final Standings (NFL Contest)

The World Series of Handicapping is one of the biggest and best football handicapping contests that are out there today. It is filled with talented individuals looking to claim the top spot. This contest attracts all types of football fans that like to predict the outcome of the games in an attempt to pick the winners of each contest.

WSOH-3 team would like to congratulate “natejacobson” for winning the World Series of Handicapping 3 Pro Football contest. Natejacobson won the contest with his 74-43-2 record for +129.90 units.

The World Series of Handicapping, also known as the WSOH, is the premier football handicapping contest that pits some of the best handicappers in the world against one another. These football fanatics will pick winners all season long, hoping that when the regular season comes to a close they will be sitting on top of the leaderboard as the champions. The one lucky, yet skilled, handicapper will be crowned the champion and will get a huge ring as a trophy. It is all about the bling!

Furthermore, we would like to thank our sponsor,, because without their support, this contest would not happen.

The World Series of Handicapping is sponsored by Bookmaker Sportsbook, please read our review on Bookmaker Sportsbook, as they are one of the best reliable sportsbook in the industry!

View overall Standings (WSOH-3)


Name Record Points
natejacobson 74-43-2 129.90
Enigma 73-44-2 127.70
Petro 74-42-3 123.80
Richs Picks 69-42-1 95.50
Whitey19 69-49-1 71.90
Football Smarts 61-54-4 55.70
Palo 65-53-1 50.90
RolloDamus 67-51-1 48.70
Gambler4life 67-50-2 43.80
allredb1 67-51-1 42.60
SportsBettorsGuideDotNet 62-47-3 42.30
stormy1114 65-52-2 37.60
Godfather0272 67-51-1 35.30
congokiwi 62-56-1 34.10
gwiz 65-50-4 28.60
QB King 62-54-3 27.90
kerry1106 65-53-1 23.80
Doral4720 59-56-4 9.50
gvd2014 59-59-1 9.00
Cnotes 62-57-0 7.70
NFLKING 62-55-2 4.90
Blanca 56-61-2 0.60
OCK 62-56-1 -2.50
Willard 58-59-2 -6.60
onetwopunch 61-55-3 -10.90
Naturespirit 58-59-2 -12.90
martin684 55-62-2 -13.70
Oaky 58-60-1 -14.30
bighurtx 55-62-2 -19.10
Dana Lane Sports 56-61-2 -21.10
gmcwilliams24 56-63-0 -25.90
sportsbettor 60-58-1 -26.80
GenesisN95 0-7-0 -30.80
CarloCapewwhkq 0-7-0 -30.80
MarionULQtkbnuy 0-7-0 -30.80
RebeccaRadcliffe 0-7-0 -30.80
CecilHaszler 0-7-0 -30.80
Pamela17Rbcz 0-7-0 -30.80
CassandBaltes 0-7-0 -30.80
AndraHarlan 0-7-0 -30.80
RalphVRHOjrd 0-7-0 -30.80
ShelaCoonvl 0-7-0 -30.80
ukfan611 0-7-0 -30.80
LTOTawnyalx 0-7-0 -30.80
dberry963 56-61-2 -34.00
dambro1989 58-59-2 -35.00
Par5n2jas 54-62-3 -36.70
ArmyDad 60-57-2 -39.00
addicted2fantac 57-60-2 -43.30
JakeVegasPunts 54-64-1 -43.50
JT Sneaks 52-65-2 -44.20 60-57-2 -44.40
NFLQUEEN 50-67-2 -48.60
aardvarksports 51-66-2 -49.50
Nermel 55-63-1 -57.10

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